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Smile at someone everyday does not mean one is happy, it does not mean everything is fine as well as so - be - it. That does not mean he (s) or she (s) is (are) interested (e) (s) to the other. There is no buy smile, give as a gift, nor find Earth some shares. "" How much is a smile a day. '' "Unfortunately it is not for sale to anyone" "it's free          

Each to their problem then the time of happiness Every day you can not see or know that is what happens in the lives of others, the good and bad news of people. None of us can not declare this when trying to endure rich or poor. Sometimes at work, sometimes at home. Too much wealth, too purposeful and too everything * (e) (s) the frustration begins. In the car by seeing others who behave in a State badly appropriate with other its removes a great frustration. She gets up on the wrong foot for anything, one thing does not work, bad mood increases, it questions what we do? Or what is what you can do to reduce all those grudges which settle in the society. There are jealous people who are angry (es) against each other that smiled to another is that it is possible?...

The more often it smiled with a person without knowing you remove the anger in the middle there where there is, your voice, your language especially and your eyes bother someone from you while it has done nothing, is what are the undecided who does not see in the right direction. What medicine and what solution for a person anxiety? People like its become to impoverished people with him. I find are males love who act as / it (s) (it) (s) \ wants (ent) before everybody anyway.

We always judge the personality of a person but not the same person, the appearance of a person is very often wrong. It is front of you everyday unfortunately, is not always obvious to the person that you see in your entourage every day. Most often the appearance of a character may vary and very misleading and degenerate from one day to the other for several. It does not criticise a close that you see on your paths every day, everyone likes life to enjoy their time. Who doesn't love live happy (se) in their lives? Person.

Smile with someone or smile to yourself: it's wonderful, less stress, less problems to the brain, good for the heart etc., it is more natural than pills capsules. When you smiled, this is not for the teeth in the mouth not, every time you smile with someone you swallow a capsule for the lung without cigarettes for example. What could be better? Sometimes it is just to believe other everything perfectly. This is not always the case, show others markets of dangerous scale is going up it is not fantastic. No, each market is too high to mount it as a mountain. When you assemble must be mounted without back, but it must continue until the end where you want it is a rollercoaster. So, smile doesn't mean anything to someone who has good understanding. On the contrary a smile can save a life of a person without knowing. It there people who thought simply to judge that he (she) mouse someone it is because she is interested in him or she seeks care for others and yet s. see - you a person pass in front of you, do not keep it on the appearance, most often it makes good if is is not for you it is perhaps for the other person that you just see pass you. Smile, you're not crazy or mad you are a sample for many. If you are a continuous sample do not let go.   

Person is not perfect on this earth, even Nature. He there the storm, wind, rain, hurricane, cyclone and snow not to mention other things that come with all this. Then (6) days God finished contemplated the world with his work that was not completed for many. There was nothing that is placed on the land since its creation, simply human increases that increase just than at present. Nature is beautiful and very beautiful should not be proud their appearance even the seasons change every three (3) months it's called nature. This is not anything else. A person is like Nature. This text is written and edited by Marie Quivivre especially for people who like critical, without knowing and without understanding the other. ~This, those, who are surrounding the people who wear the prejudice in any place whether it must pay attention to them. Stop criticizing one another is very important in someone's life. Manipulation and intimidation it cannot cure a sick heart, it is well on the other side of the medal. MOUSE WITH THE HEART WORTH IT. Change a smile to a classmate or work is not a cry of alarm, nor a bad suicidal idea for most people it is the opposite and far beyond. Finally I leave you with two small quotes: which comes from Larousse's pocket. Health past wealth:

1 - Health is more valuable than wealth.

2 - The Sun him for all the world: everyone has the right to the things nature has themselves

at all. Is Wednesday, November 26, 2014. By Marie Quivivre



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