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Indécis 2

Publié le 1 Mai 2020 par Mariequivivre

En ce moment il faut chanter, il faut prier, dans la maison du Seigneur

En ce moment il faut chanter, il faut prier, dans la maison du Seigneur

    Indécis                                                 Partie 2
Suffering with the great sadness that are undecided, discouraged with all kinds of diseases in the forest; as in everyday human life. Lack the capacity, resources to act with all their suffering, treatment to solve their healing sound at risk.
Remedies for that they be remedied itself is not easy to cure. Where you can find traditional healers (e s) for the innocent in the forest.
Researcher (e) any sequence.
I always want to learn what the nature brings in life we all on our planet. Written by Marie Quivivre. Recycling ca you say something good, recycle it worth it is time to reflect on what is happening everywhere at the moment with tornadoes by if by there my friends (es) ho there there!
The imbatable001
What do you think about people who are not the same religion, same country, same color and same language who are married. What does this represent for society in General; live together their life experience. And after your idea or your experience. Let me know your experience in the previous years and today.
Written by Marie Quivivre the mariequivivre.com blog
My favorite quote
              "" "Love all those who come from the heart and thought" "."
Send your questions and answers on the web or in my Inbox. «A bouquet of roses always goes in the hands of someone who does not know the importance, the value of what it (that it) a receipt (e). «» In the right direction a bouquet represents what in their lives.
(N/B) Do you take you for someone else stay you the same without cancellation.
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