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par Mariequivivre  -  5 Octobre 2020, 07:33  -  #Silent

                      Today  questions

You the Haitian people who are outside and inside the country

1-How to put the heads together?
2-Do we have to have a gathering?
3-What kind of person who is Haitian in Haitian?
4- Those who are outside or inside?
5-Are there black or white Haitians who are, that prison, is impossible for them? Why.
 If there are inferior Haitians who have the same rights as foreigners who are hospitalized in their country, then.
7-Haitians are disoriented compared to foreigners to go to Brazil, Mexico, Chilli, Panama, etc. many die at sea and in other ways they even find themselves dead. No one is speaking for them. There they live, they are putting them out. Especially illegal Haitians in their country. No Haitian consulate general abroad does not represent Haitians why.

8-Haitians have representatives as consul there are they?
9-Haitians in Haiti are aware of what is happening elsewhere or in Haiti?
10-President Jovenel Moïse became aware of the poor who die with the weapons of bandits. For those who are dying in the Sun City, Village of God, other places the poor take shelter in the country of Haiti.

As a quote: We only lend to the rich
We only render services to those who are in a position to reward them; we readily attribute certain acts to those who are accustomed to doing them.
This subject is made by Marie Quivivre to post on the blog on Monday, October 5, 2020.

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