Glued head

par Mariequivivre  -  5 Octobre 2020, 09:14

                     Glued head

The Haitian people are in pain

The bandits of foreigners and black Haitians want to kill the population of Haiti. You who are the real Haitians must make efforts.

It's an international and national conspiracy before and after.
The plot is to take the country of Haiti They want the country at all costs because of the former ex-presidents who sold the country to foreigners. Jean Bertrand Aristide, Raoul Cédras, René Préval, Michel Martelly say Sweet Micky Privert and latrié without forgetting the deputies and senators are sold the country with the Haitian population to foreigners. But unfortunately !

Who is the real faceless little president who dared to sell the Country, which has had its Independence since 1803. It is a shame in front of the whole world.

Quote: Whoever laughs last will laugh
Anyone who makes fun of others risks being mocked at their best if circumstances change. This subject comes from Marie Quivivre

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